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The neoclassical building where the gallery is held, houses a collection of works of art dedicated to the liberating cause of the Greeks against the Turks (Th. Vrizakis, F. Margaritis, Dion. Tsokos, N. Gyzis, Nik. Lytras and more) which underlines and provides the aesthetic element to the historic note of the city of Nafplio. The aim of this collection of paintings seeks to glorify the struggles of the Greeks and their ongoing yoke, extracting the realistic element of the cause and escalating them to the sphere of the idealistic.

1821- Figures and Themes of the Greek Revolution”. The exhibition of the works of art is branched into five units, demonstrating historical facts, whose creation has been designed while the 19th century art movement was flourishing in Greece as well as in other parts of Europe. What seemed to arouse the imagination of the romantic creators of those fine pieces was the dramatization of a series of events, a continuum of the Greek revolt