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The Small Theater of Epidaurus is located near the settlement of Old Epidaurus in Argolida, on the island “Nisi”, on the acropolis of ancient Epidaurus. The construction of the theater began in the 4th century BC and continued in Hellenistic times, and modifications were made in the Roman years. The theater was dedicated to the god Dionysus and had an initial capacity of 2,000 spectators, while in its current state, due to the destruction of the upper seats it had an initial capacity of 800 seats and 1,000 later. Its existence was not known because it was covered with soil and was discovered in 1970. Two years later, in 1972, excavations began, which continued in 1989.After 1998, in the small theater of Epidaurus, events are held every summer, part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, with musical concerts and theatrical performances.